With Freddy's

2013 - Current


It's safe to say that the name "Freddy's" has always been in my life, along with painting. Since I can remember, I was wanting to head out with dad on a weekend or during school holidays to pick up the brush and help out. I've always been very close to my old man and my whole family. All through high-school I would spend my school holidays out on-site with the boys helping out in whatever way I could. 

When I finished school, I spent 6 month working out what my next move was. In June 2013, I started my apprenticeship and started my career in painting. Since then I have started working closely with my Dad to develop my skills in the trade and in the business that we are today. 

My future vision for the business is to grow along the path we are currently on. I want to look into bigger and better projects, but never forget where we started. Residential work holds a different relationship between client and contractor. It's personal and important to develop the relationship before work begins and maintain contact through the job. 

I look forward to hearing from you!